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Marines Don't Cry 

by Daniel Garcia and Jacqueline C. Garcia 




GENRE: Memoir, Non-fiction 






Have you ever been lost -- really lost? 


Danny and Jackie answer this question in Marines Don’t Cry with stories of death to life, deep sorrow to joy, darkness to light, and freedom in Christ. 


Danny recounts his early life in Spanish Harlem and describes conversion from a life of drugs and “the fast lane” to one consumed with knowing and serving God. This makes his journey of walking more than 52 million steps on six continents for children and world peace such an incredible story. 


Marines Don’t Cry is about the transformational power of God’s love: how Danny found his calling and is delivering the message of Christ at all costs. 








Chapter 7: “You Must Choose Now” 


One night in my living room, under the influence of several drugs and alcohol, I experienced something bizarre and frightening. Something happened to me, and I knew that something was terribly wrong. In a moment, I felt my spirit leaving my body; a wrenching separation and tearing from deep within. Life literally came out of my body. My feet lifted from the floor. I levitated upwards and felt myself being pulled out of this world. It was an out-of-body experience. I did not feel physical pain, but I knew I was dying. All my life, I had been in control and never let fear consume me. Now, I was terrified. 


I panicked. 


My thoughts raced. I knew that if I died, I would go to hell because of all the bad things I had done in my life. I learned in Catholic school that if I died in the state of mortal sin, I was destined for hell, a place of eternal fire and torment. Eternity flashed before me, and I heard an audible voice through time, space, and spirit say: 


“Which way do you choose? Life or death? You must choose now.” 


The voice enveloped my thoughts. In a flash, the Lord gave me a choice of life or death, and it was a choice of both physical and spiritual proportions. Although I had not been in church for over twenty-five years, I knew I was lost, had no hope, and was going to hell. I was completely petrified, and for the first time in my entire life, I was truly afraid and frightened beyond my understanding. 


With a desperate cry, I screamed, “Jesus, save me!” 


As soon as I said the name “Jesus,” my spirit immediately jumped back into my body. I experienced the terrible fear of God. To this point in my life, I paid no attention to the teachings that the Catholic church instilled in me. I had turned away from Him and disobeyed His laws. 


By calling on the name of Jesus Christ, I chose life. I was saved spiritually; the moment of my salvation from death and beginning the transformation to a new life. This was a miracle. I was thirty-three years old—the same age as Jesus when he started his public ministry. 





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About the authors of Marines Don’t Cry 


Daniel Garcia 


Danny Garcia, The Walking Man, was born and raised in New York’s Spanish Harlem.  He served as a United States Marine, law enforcement officer, and ordained minister.  Since 1996, he has prayed and walked over 52,000, 000 steps on six continents for children and world peace.  During his journeys, Garcia met with dignitaries all over the world, ministering to the famous and to the poorest of the poor.  Danny made presentations to Kings/royals, Presidents, and other world leaders, to include four Presidents of the USA, several Prime Ministers of other countries, the Pope, Mother Teresa, Ambassadors and various eminent personalities and multilateral organizations.  Garcia began his journey as a personal commitment to peace and children and continued walking and raising funds for multiple charitable organizations. 


Danny is married to the former Jacqueline Charsagua of El Paso, TX, and they work side by side to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  For more information, visit Danny’s website,  www.globalwalk.cc. 


Jackie Charsagua Garcia 


Jackie Charsagua Garcia is married to Daniel Garcia.  She graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1985 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.  Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management.  While in the US Air Force, Jackie specialized in communications, acquisition, systems engineering, and information technology.   


After a rewarding and fulfilling Air Force career, she retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the summer of 2006, having spent more than 21 years on active duty.  Since 2006, she has supported and advised on all aspects of her husband’s walks and charitable initiatives within the United States and abroad.  She joined Danny during his Africa Walk in 2007 and ministered in South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Southern Sudan.  During this time, her faith and reliance on God grew tremendously under the mentorship of Danny Garcia. The Global Walk experience gave Jackie an opportunity to serve God abroad, and her vision is to spread the hope, love, and the grace of Jesus Christ through her writing.  She is a native of El Paso, TX, mother of one amazing daughter, and a breast cancer survivor.  









YouTube link of an interview with Danny and Jackie for the Veterans History Project: https://youtu.be/tiJV0RdVmis  


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Buy links:  Marines Don't Cry (marinesdontcry.com) 











Who designed the book cover for “Marines Don’t Cry”, the book you are touring? 

This is how it happened.  I had a vision that the cover would be with my in Marine Corps dress blues uniform.  I envisioned that the image would immediately draw people to the book and generate interest in the story of my life.  What I am looking at, the folded US flag, has significance in that this is how the flag is presented to families of fallen service members.  Both Jackie and I have served on honor guard details, where we have had to present the flags to grieving family members, and say, “On behalf of a grateful nation, we present you the United States Flag in honor of the service of your [son, father, daughter, wife, etc.].”  It is incredibly moving.  The photographer, Gayle Colleypriest, actually took this photo a year before we had a publisher for the book – it was a vision that we made into reality. 


Where did the title “Marines Don’t Cry” come from? 

All through my time in the Marine Corps, from boot camp as a new recruit in 1962 until the present time, I was ingrained with the principle that Marines just don’t cry.  We try to live that mantra because it is the life force of the US Marine Corps.   

  • I know that every Marine that sees this book will identify with the uniform, the flag, the commitment that we made to protect and serve our country.   
  • I believe that anyone who has served in the US military can identify with core principles of service.   
  • And family members of veterans! They are buying the book for their fathers, uncles, aunts who have served, because family members also serve, and they get it.  They, too, are drawn to the book cover and title.  This book is for them. 

How do readers relate to your stories?  Why do they cry?  

My story is very broad and appeals to many people groups and varied demographics, such as veterans, first responders, and their families.  Readers can relate to my life experiences growing up in New York City, serving in the Marine Corps, traveling as a missionary, and finally being human and going through tragedies and unexpected joys.  And yes, people are crying through our book.  Why? 

Many people are touched by what I went through.  Some who thought they knew my story were shocked at the details and the sacrifices I made.  They really didn’t know who I was, but by reading the book they have a deeper insight and appreciation for how God saved and healed me.   

What makes you cry? 

I cry when someone hurts me by either words or action.  I am sensitive and humble, and sometimes vulnerable and broken.  I can’t fake that I am hurt.  I also cry when I see other people hurt each other or have no consideration for the feelings of others.  I cried when my friends have died and are gone.  Just recently, a dear friend died suddenly.  When I spoke at his funeral, I was shaky and tearful.  That is the truth:  this Marine does cry. 




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