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Red Dragon: Virtual Book Tour

  Red Dragon   by Brian H. Roberts     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~     GENRE : Science Fiction     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~     BLURB:     How do you fight a hidden adversary on Mars?     Dallas Gordon’s miners keep disappearing. Back on Earth, general Zhang Aiguo has seized control of the Chinese military and declared himself emperor.  His forces have secretly dispatched to the Red Planet to plunder EPSILON’s hard-won treasure.     Time is running out. Can Dallas Gordon and the Prospector team find Zhang’s hidden bases before they are all killed?     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~     EXCERPT :     Excerpt:     “I’ve lost contact with Dave!”     Allie stood in the shop doorway, her eyes wide as saucers.     Dallas looked up from the shop bench, saw the panic in her eyes, and started toward the door. He briskly accompanied her to the common room.     “Tell me everything you know.”     Allie spoke in a torrent, “I compiled the latest welfare check just five minutes ago. The drill rig was still parked at Site 7. Dave and Number